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New Innovative Features Enhance Hunter's Balancer Line

New Hunter balancer features improve productivity and help service today’s challenging wheel assemblies with unique tools such as the TPMSpecs™ database, VIN scanning capability, automatic cost-savings tracking, and the Road Force® audit.

TPMSpecs™ Database
Hunter’s TPMSpecs presents thousands of TPMS reset procedures in a comprehensive, tech-friendly format to quickly identify the sensor type, tools needed and OE procedure for specific vehicle being serviced.

TPMSpecs eliminates the need for confusing reference manuals and helps prevent comebacks from not knowing proper procedures.

Color printouts of TPMSpecs screens are available to explain needed service.

Bar Code Scanner
A bar code scanner can be used to instantly enter the VIN to access vehicle-specific TPMS data stored on the balancer. (Scanner is sold separately.)

SmartWeight® Cost-Savings Tracking Tools
The SmartWeight odometer and ROI calculator displays wheel weight savings for each balance cycle and tracks weight savings over time.

These new tools track the balancer’s weight and dollar savings using the shop’s own numbers. The statistics can be broken down into daily, monthly, yearly or lifetime savings and used to show the investment payback of the machine.

Road Force® Audit

Hunter’s Road Force® audit automatically runs a fast QuickMatch® test with every spin. If a runout tolerance is exceeded, the balancer will then run the more thorough Road Force test and provide corrective measures to resolve the problem.

This feature is ideal for shops that want to provide advanced balancing service for every assembly with the fastest service time possible.

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